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Quickly and efficiently request and capture a consultation with a specialist and securely send patient data, photos, video or audio. Conduct point-of-care consult collaborations between medical professionals anywhere in the world.


Connect rapidly with on-call consultants and provide immediate access to patient information. Streamline and make treatment decisions quickly and with a higher level of precision than traditional phone-based consults.


Store recommendations securely, interface with the patient record and generate billing with ICD-10 and CPT codes.

Mobile Medical Consultation Software

Collaborative workflow anywhere anytime via a mobile device.

CallDR is easy-to use rapid consult software designed for busy ER and on-call physicians to collaborate on point-of-care consultations using a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad.

With Call DR, physicians connect with consulting specialists immediately anywhere in the world with a mobile message; send and save multi-media patient data instantly and securely; collaborate on treatment, confirm a diagnosis, create a record and interface with billing and ICD-9 and CPT-10 codes, all with the tap of a finger.
CallDR’s many features include workflow management and reporting, integrated scheduling and notification, coordination with EMTALA and on-call systems, and outcome categorization and tracking. It is fully HIPAA compliant and adaptable to manage one location or many.
Bottomline, CallDR redefines the way on-call consultations are conducted. All for a monthly cost approximately the same as a telephone answering service.

Turn on CallDR, turn off your answering service, pager and voicemail.

What CallDR Users are Saying...
``Streamlines processes and management``

With CallDR, we can quickly access on-call specialists in urgent situations, manage EMTALA and on-call group schedules in all of our locations, receive detailed consultation reports and more effectively control risks through improved recordkeeping and follow up.

– Joseph Scirroco, Hospital Administrator

``Life is Good``

Being on call no longer requires a drive to the hospital and disrupting at-home time with my family. It also eliminated the messages, call backs and phone tag and challenges in consult charting. It’s a huge change for the better in the life of a doctor.

– Bruce Stone, MD