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Fractal OnCall Solutions, LLC

Fractal Medical Solutions, Inc., was founded in 2011 by two practicing physicians with the goal of increasing the efficiency of conducting on-call medical consultations. CallDR was initially developed by Carl Rosen, MD, ocular surgeon, and Michael Levy, MD, emergency physician, to more effectively respond to the needs of physicians and other health care professionals to provide care in both urgent and day-to day-medical situations.
The early CallDR products focused on the utilizing the powerful iOS operating system technology. Fractel Medical subsequently became Fractal OnCall Solutions LLC with an integrated family of CallDR rapid consultation software applications. CallDR has users nationwide.
CallDR products focus specifically on improving the workflow and expediency of consultations between emergency department specialists and on-call/consulting medical physicians, in addition to consultations and secure mobile messaging between a broad range of other healthcare providers. CallDR’s proprietary technology is now being adapted for integration into other uses, such as telemedicine, emergency response and correctional applications. The goal of all CallDR products is to streamline and improve the historically-inefficient process of conducting consultations. CallDR runs in mobile, server and cloud environments, utilizing iOS technology, a Windows operating system or from a Mac or Windows-based server in a data center.
Fractal OnCall Solutions is a privately-held corporation headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska.