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CallDR™ Integrated Solutions

Built with superb flexibility and multiple delivery methods, CallDR™ solutions are integrated and highly customizable to fit the needs of physicians and medical professionals, health clinics, hospitals and healthcare systems, and adaptable to other similar environments.

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  • CallDR Clinic™

  • CallDR Hospital™

  • CallDR Central™

  • CallDR Cloud™

  • CallDR Consultants Network™

The CallDR™ Advantage

Treating Physicians: Maximize time and effectiveness

  • Streamlines treatment decisions by eliminating multiple calls and waiting time

  • Reduces the time and hassle to locate a specialist and receive an opinion

  • Permits quicker treatment decisions via mobile communications and with a higher level of precision than traditional phone-based consultations.

  • Provides immediate access to patient information

  • Decreases time required for treatment follow up, charting and billing

Consulting Professionals: Regain control of an on-call schedule

  • Capability to conduct consultations anytime without driving to the hospital Reduces delays from answering service calls and lost messages

  • Confirms details and reduce legal risks through HIPAA-compliant data, text messaging, image and voice recordkeeping, and the ability to add or review treatment data at any time

  • Stores written recommendations securely and interfaces with the patient record, billing and ICD-9 codes

  • Expands ability to perform consultations with mobile communications whether at home or in remote locations

  • Controls on-call time and builds health care consulting base through increased medical collaborations using a mobile device

Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare Systems: Streamline workflow and enhance revenue base and management oversight

  • Provides ability to access and assign staff or on-call specialists to join treatment planning or provide consultations within minutes via mobile device

  • Streamlines workflow across multiple locations, organizations and specialties

  • Improves accountability through detailed reporting of treatment requests and communications, and by categorizing, tracking and reporting consults and outcomes

  • Maximizes revenue potential through access to a multi-provider network of specialists