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CallDR | Consult™

CallDR Consult™ is a robust and adaptable software designed specifically for physicians to conduct and streamline medical consultations using a handheld device for secure mobile messaging and collaborations.


The functionality of CallDr Consult™ includes:

  • Use anytime to connect with a specialist or for the specialist to reach the treating physician

  • Conduct consultations anywhere from a mobile device

  • Encrypted communications to receive and send messages for highest level of security and fully HIPAA compliant

  • Uses existing devices, no new hardware to buy or learn

  • Simple-to-use and intuitive programming

  • Securely stores, tracks and reports consult outcomes

  • Collaborations between individual practitioners, within clinics, hospitals or healthcare systems

CallDR was developed by a practicing emergency department physician and an ocular surgeon to more effectively respond to the needs of physicians and other health care professionals in providing care in both urgent and day-to day-medical situations. Since that time, CallDR has expanded to full-medical consultation workflow, notification and reporting in a HIPAA compliant environment. It focuses on optimizing efficiency and responsiveness, especially in time-critical situations, and providing management tools essential for medical administrators while maintaining a dedication to increasing the quality of life for on-call physicians.

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